Monday, August 08, 2005

Joining the 21st Century

As an artist, art instructor/case manager to developmentally disabled adults, doting mother/grandmother, slave to numerous pets, gardener, aspiring writer/illustrator, & wife (to my semi- neglected husband, who got listed last, again) - I thought my plate was plenty full & I had No Time for fooling around with all this new-fangled technology (I don't know what happens to your left-brain when you enter peri-menopause, but I seem to suddenly start channeling my grandmother's speech patterns at the oddest times now).
Then, one short year ago, my younger daughter dragged me (kicking & screaming) into the 21st Century, when she brought Hal 2001 here into our family room & insisted that I could learn to use the computer & surf the net, etc. This is what happens when you send your children to college; suddenly they become the experts.
As much as I hated to admit it, yes, I was curious what this magic box could reveal to the least I hoped it would be kinder to me than the magic window at the bank had been - it can be so unreliable! You type in the spell one day & it lavishes you with riches; and the very next day, you type in the same EXACT spell & Nothing! Not a cent! And sometimes it will do that for two whole weeks! This magic box has been more far.
Although often it stubbornly refuses to listen to me, no matter HOW loud I yell at it! If anyone has any tips on taming this beast, please pass them on! (Yes, I have used a computer for some time at work - but working for a non-profit, on donated outdated equipment/programs, & of course our budget doesn't allow for such niceties yet as the Internet - though we have hope! There may be a website in our future yet...and my hope is I'll learn enough through this blogspot to be ready when it comes. Wish me luck!