Friday, September 30, 2005


How do I blog thee? Let me count the ways...
My personal favorite sites to visit (in no particular order) when procrastinating:
Violette's folk art - Fun, colorful, glittery inspiration
Crazy Aunt Purl - Warning - Go to the bathroom before reading - can make you laugh that hard! (love this blog - & I haven't knitted in....well, more years than I care to admit to)
Wee me and the wolf - Whimsical, quirky wonderings
Rock-Paper-Scissors - Very cool artist, illustrator, author, storyteller, person
Crafty Chica - Creative, funny, stylish, inspiring with a dash of Latin flare
Keri Smith (Wishjar Tales) - Whimsical yet zen-like inspiration
Juju loves polka dots & Naive Knitting Blog - Once again, I haven't knitted in years - but these ladies are so much fun, I'm ready to buy some yarn & needles next payday
Frog Blog - more illustrator inspiration
Plus: Molly Chicken, Jill's Notebook, A Bird In the Hand, violetismycolor, allsorts, paulabecker, pancake's meow & a bunch more....I've become such a looky-loo...a veritable blog ho!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Art of Blogcrastinating

Every cool link, inevitably leads to at least four more cool links which lead to 16 more cool links....I can't keep this up or I'm never going to get any new artwork done! I've only been on the Internet a few months & already I'm overwhelmed - how do you people do this? Obviously you have more self-control than I do....I tried to just occasionally visit a few artist/illustrator sites, but these led to craft sites, which led to sewing, which led to knitting....well, I'm sure you've got the idea.
Is there an on-line support group for this?
Hi. I 'm Tinker; and I'm a blogaholic.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I have no idea if this story has an iota of truth in it, but the fact that it's appeared anywhere other than the Weekly World News (what a fun job those reporters must have!), and just the general craziness of the planet nowadays, makes you wonder if there isn't some truth to it; & if so, it perfectly illustrates the whole "truth is stranger than fiction" thingy....If you haven't heard about it yet, here's the basic premise (which I don't think even the corniest action TV series would attempt to use as a plot line, it is SO freaking absurd!):
Supposedly the CIA or some other "black ops" ballteam decided that they needed to train dolphins to foil scuba-diving terrorists, by equipping them (the dolphins, that is) with toxic darts to shoot at the bad guys, putting them (the bad guys) to sleep so they couldn't wreak scuba-diving havoc & the good guys could grab the bad scuba divers & whisk them away to interrogate them about their secret scuba diving terrorist plans.....ONLY, along came Hurricane Katrina or maybe it was Rita (I'm not quoting verbatim here, people) & swept these attack dolphins out to sea. Wearing their little dartgun equipment. And they don't know where they are. Yet.
Swimmers; divers; surfers; boaters; little kids with floaties; BEWARE! Here there be killer dolphins on the loose!!!

For that matter, I just find it both incredibly disturbing about us (human people), that we have to go & corrupt an incredibly lovely, friendly, benign creature like a dolphin & teach them to go around shooting poison darts (if this is true). But what's just as disturbing, is that it would totally BE just like us to think up such a thing. That's all I'm saying. For now.

Monday, September 26, 2005

I WISH I HAD GONE TO THE BALL (Winter of the Dance promotion)
From Keri Smith's Wishjar website: "We are fools whether we dance or not; so we might as well dance."
-Japanese proverb
But, alas! My pumpkin's out of gas, no glass slippers & somebody probably would have stepped on my blue suede shoes if I'd gone anyway....So I sit this one out. (Heavy sigh.)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

After making 75 freaking leaf pins (& another 25 magnets) till 2 am last night/morning, working at the festival all day long; coming home & making potato salad for 30 people for tomorrow's birthday party - I'm hanging up my glue gun & apron & getting some much-needed rest!
Sorry I'm such a whiny spoilsport - I promise a better posting tomorrow, Blogette.
Night-night, don't let the computer bugs bite!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

I forgot what a pain marathon crafting sessions can be, Blogette. Especially the ones involving glue guns and teeny tiny pin backs. Thank God for talk radio, otherwise I might have taken the gluegun to my head (lol - weakly). On the bright side, it sounds like prayers & thoughts have helped some, & Hurricane Rita has been downgraded from a 5 to a 3 - not that it's any picnic on the beach, I'm sure. But thank you , God - keep up the good work...
OK, I'm falling asleep at the computer. That's all for now.
'night, Blogette zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I have yet to figure out the link thingy, but since I've decided I'm only writing to you, Blogette, it should be a moot point.
I've been reading keri smith's wishjar tales for a few months now, & I'm so delighted that her husband's short film, The Winter of the Dance, has been accepted into the Palm Springs International Film Festival (?) (I have no idea if I got the true name of the film festival, but, again, dear Blogette, you seem to be my one & only reader - & you're not going to the ball in Palm Springs now, are you? {voice-over: evil step-sister laugh: HA,HA, HA-HA!!!!} ................(oops! some cat-like typing just occurred as Ginny the babycat ran across the keyboard - sorry). ANYWHO -
(yes, I did mean anywho - just one of my many quirks, is to occasionally sound like I'm, oh, 72 years older with a towering blue beehive and waving a purple feather boa for emphasis) - now where was I going with this? Oh. Yes. Keri & her husband & friends are dancing on street corners in Palm Springs this week to promote the film (read about her adventures on HER blog, Blogette!) and they've invited readers to come join them! And it's within an hour or so driving distance! I SO want to join them! I'm working everyday this week (thanks to the Family Fun Festival on Saturday), but, hopefully (cross my fingers), I will have the strength to drive down there & dance with them this weekend, because dancing is definitely A VERY GOOD THING - for the soul of the dancer & the soul of the World - WE NEED MORE DANCING PEOPLE!!!
Now the giant pink bunny, you ask? Well, according to news, apparently a Viennese group of artists called GELATIN got together dozens of grannies with pink wool & created a 200-foot giant stuffed pink rabbit on a mountain peak in Italy for tired hikers to rest upon! Is that magical or what? WE WANT MORE OF THIS KIND OF ART!!! ART WITH HUMOR & HEART!
Last, but certainly far from least,
visit the Global Consciousness website & find out about the power of our collective unconscious to affect the world - then think positive, good thoughts towards everyone - ESPECIALLY those who have just suffered through Hurricane Katrina & are now facing Hurricane Rita - think about/pray about this latest hurricane growing weaker & weaker as it moves inland, going from 145 mile hour winds dying down to a gentle tropical breeze...
Who knows maybe we CAN change the world for the better!
goodnight, Blogette. sweet dreams.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hello, Blogette - even if no one else is reading this, I've decided my blog itself (his/herself? hmmm, I think Blogette is probably female...) will be my confidante and somehow I will find the time to at least get my evening-morning pages done (I know, I're supposed to write your morning pages in the morning...but I'm definitely not a morning person! Also, I think I'm supposed to be writing them by hand; but alas! that is just not going to happen, either - I barely had enough energy to hit the ON button on this computer by the time I got home from work).
Ok; that's probably a gross overstatement (have I mentioned I have a slight tendency to exaggerate?) - I'm tired, yes; BUT, the really weird part is - I am also totally wired - I don't mean pharmaceutically - just in the sense like how kids get when they've had waay too much sugar and NO nap - this is what happens to me if I don't immediately give in to the urge to lie down & pass out the very minute I start to feel sleepy/tired. If I try to push myself to stay up just a teeny weeny bit longer, because, say, the season premiere of Lost is on & I've waited all summer to see what is at the bottom of that damn hatch, well, ok then - I better be prepared to pay the price - up all hours of the night, tossing & turning. Eventually, after I've thrown the covers on & off dozen times (sending cats flying left & right into the night); gone to the bathroom 6 - 7 times; snuck into the kitchen & crammed my face full of ritz crackers while listening to Coast to Coast; tripped over 3 out of 4 cats in the dark (some nights I have even better aim & manage to trip over all four) - I will stumble back to bed & manage to get (I know you'll think I'm exagerrating this time - but I swear!) maybe, a whole 3 hours of sleep!!! So I actually am hoping that the Thursday night TV line-up sucks, or I am in for one sleepless autumn! And then I'll end up hibernating weekends & REALLY never get any artwork done! Oh, Blogette, how do you do it? You're up 24/7 (except for the occasional hour downtime for updates)! Well, time to go sneak some ritz & trip over some cats in the dark...
Au revoir!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Someday soon, I hope to be able to download (or is it upload?) my art here, but until then this little guy is my stand-in. I like him.
He looks kind of like a George, or maybe Fred.

If there really is anybody out there reading this, any suggestions for names?