Friday, September 30, 2005


How do I blog thee? Let me count the ways...
My personal favorite sites to visit (in no particular order) when procrastinating:
Violette's folk art - Fun, colorful, glittery inspiration
Crazy Aunt Purl - Warning - Go to the bathroom before reading - can make you laugh that hard! (love this blog - & I haven't knitted in....well, more years than I care to admit to)
Wee me and the wolf - Whimsical, quirky wonderings
Rock-Paper-Scissors - Very cool artist, illustrator, author, storyteller, person
Crafty Chica - Creative, funny, stylish, inspiring with a dash of Latin flare
Keri Smith (Wishjar Tales) - Whimsical yet zen-like inspiration
Juju loves polka dots & Naive Knitting Blog - Once again, I haven't knitted in years - but these ladies are so much fun, I'm ready to buy some yarn & needles next payday
Frog Blog - more illustrator inspiration
Plus: Molly Chicken, Jill's Notebook, A Bird In the Hand, violetismycolor, allsorts, paulabecker, pancake's meow & a bunch more....I've become such a looky-loo...a veritable blog ho!!

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theresa said...

I love my description! Especially the last bit -- the only one who gets described as a person! Thanks!