Saturday, October 01, 2005


The past week has been a whirlwind, a rollercoaster; & being extremely sensitive to motion sickness, I am not a fan of rollercoasters!
This week, I have:
Worked my second 6 day week in a row.
Been praised by 2 people I work with; had my head bitten off by 3 others (on separate occasions).
An unidentified person left their 1/2 eaten plate of food sitting out over night (I have 4 cats - I'm sure I don't need to go into graphic, gory detail of the aftermath). Authorities continue to question suspects in this crime.
A raging fire erupts 1/2 a mile away. Smoke, ashes, sinus headache & sleepless night ensue.
A mysterious puddle of ice cold water has been deposited on the kitchen floor in front of the fridge each morning this week. Authorities are also investigating possible leads on this mystery.
(This is a busy week for authorities at our house.)
Fire under control in my area; less smoke, ashes; sinus headache however, persists; as does yet another sleepless night, because:
I am reminded that yes, it is this weekend that I promised (over a month ago!) I would babysit; and (in a separate incident with a different person) -
Am reminded that you know how I said if the art association ever needed help with anything, they could call me - well, they need help with food, set-up & clean-up for the art reception that takes place on my one day off. While I'm still babysitting.
(Remind myself repeatedly through the sleepless night, that I am waaaay too eager to please others)
After loading jeep up to the roof for art show, remind myself of a couple of last items needed; remind myself to lock up jeep before going back into the building to get them; forget to remind myself to take the keys out of the ignition....
Finally arrtive home to discover - bathroom faucet has now joined forces with the refrigerator. Turns on....does not turn off. At all. In fact, efforts to turn it off at the tap, only succeed in it being turned on MORE. Does not turn off even when you turn off the supposed under-sink (misnamed) 'turn-off' valve. Forget a plumber, who we can't afford anyway, just call a freaking exorcist! After even more water on the floor than the fridge has manifested so far, authorities manage to turn off water at water main. However, authorities not in agreement on this solution, due to issues such as sanitation, showers, & just what the heck are we going to wear through this overbooked weekend if authorities do not take care of dirty laundry!
Manage to find something clean to wear to outdoor art show. In last minute burst of artistic optimism, decide to pin on beloved heirloom copper maple leaf. An hour later, after numerous hikes to & from jeep unloading display boards, artwork, chairs, etc. discover gaping hole on shirt - where an heirloom copper maple leaf brooch was once pinned. Look down at the surrounding ground, & the approximately 10 gagillion leaves that cover it, as far the eye can see, because, news alert - it's fall! & try desperately not to cry. Remind self to price metal detectors on e-bay.
Survive day of sweltering heat (news alert to non-Californians - it may be fall as far you & the trees are concerned; however, the sun does not bow down to autumn's authority here) and periodic gusting winds that knock down paintings. Then knock down display. Three times.
Art show ends. Sales never begin. However, valuable contacts made, resulting in 3 upcoming exhibits.
Stop at store & spend way more than I should on food for tomorrow's reception considering need refrigerator & plumbing repairs; need to save up for a metal detector; & there were no sales made for my clients or me! Also buy pizza to take home, because - I'm going home to babysit.
Arrive home to find babysittees awaiting. Greeted by babysittees as a returning hero! Am informed that they want to grow up to be artists just like me & I must sit for them while they draw my portrait; repeatedly; in different poses; with different cats. Am then asked (as an authority) to award winning artwork. The figurative "Beautiful Artist Resting," depicting me reclining on sofa with hand to forehead (a la death scene from "Camille"), surrounded by cats, was awarded first place. Grand prize, however, went to "QUEEN OF THE BEACH" depicting me and my eldest cat Cleo, surfing.
And so tonight, despite the whole damn rollercoaster ride this week, I will finally sleep well. Because I was reminded: I am loved (with or without authority); I am an artist; I am a cool surfin' granny with a cat sidekick; I AM QUEEN OF THE BEACH!!!

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