Friday, October 21, 2005

The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

I have spent the entire day in a state of suspended animation... Waiting in waiting room after waiting room: First you wait in the lobby to check into the clinic; then you go down a hallway to another waiting room where you put your paperwork thru a little slot in the door, & sit down to wait; finally you're called back & after the nurse takes your blood pressure & temperature (& the dreaded stand on the scale), she asks you to stay seated on a little chair in the nurse's station while you wait for an exam room; then you finally make it to the exam room & still, you wait, for the doctor to come in! Then back to the nurse's station to wait while the doctor finishes writing out your prescription. Then it's on to the pharmacy, where you wait. Finally you get the prescription - but you're not free from the waiting room of Hell yet! Oh, no! Apparently you have deep-rooted masochistic tendencies that are just now surfacing, because you have also scheduled a dental appointment, which now follows immediately afterward because you had no idea you would be waiting this many hours; no time to eat - you must rush to the other side of the valley, run into the dental office & hurriedly sign in, so that now you can sit down & wait SOME MORE! And finally they call your name to go back to the dental chair, but GUESS WHAT! You're still not done waiting....OK; I know you know that we're just going to keep on with the tease & wait with all the various dental clinic personnel; so I won't keep you waiting for the end of this tale, because I cannot wait to get off my tail end!
Oh, wait - wait up just a minute! I forgot to tell you something....oh well, I guess it can wait till tomorrow.

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