Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Heartbreak of Broken Blog Syndrome

In our last episode, it was revealed that Tinker's blog was BROKEN & her toolbar icons either stolen by the jealous cat gang or possibly destroyed by the Cyber gods, who were greatly displeased by her feeble attempts at blogging. Outlook Express was also appalled at her inept ability to correctly identify her server, & was holding her for contempt of cybercourt, without even allowing her to make an e-mail to Blogger. Also, her computer may be possessed by the spirit of HAL of 2001 fame.
When she called for help, a mysterious stranger appeared in her comments section, assuring her that by purchasing his wares, the Cyber gods would be appeased. But then she must also post photos of herself or other attractive female humans wearing his wares; only then would he help her vanquish the Byte Monster still attacking her.
Since we last tuned in, Tinker attempted to bravely confront the mysterious stranger with the following reply to his comment:
Dear TAL, Thank you for your comments & advice. Alas, the Cyber gods are obviously far from omniscient, since a) I cannot purchase blogging or any other wares to appease them, since my current occupation is listed as 'artist, starving.' (I would however be willing to paint them an altar, crochet them a tea cozy or if need be, send them a cat. If they pay the postage.); and b) They obviously forgot that I CANNOT POST PHOTOS!! Photo posting is impossible, even if I really wanted to! Even if the Cyber gods themselves, were to suddenly appear on my monitor & COMMAND me to post a photo - I could not! Because the photo icon (& all others!) were eaten by the Byte Monster! REMEMBER? Thank you for your kind interest. Have a nice day!

Then, when Tinker went to post this comment/reply, she discovered the Byte Monster had STRUCK - AGAIN!! (cue organ music) And the WORD VERIFICATION prompt, for posting comments? WAS GONE! There was no way to enter the characters - because suddenly they were INVISIBLE! She looked to the Word, and Verily, the Word was not with her; the Word was no where to be seen! So, now, Tinker can't a) Post photos; format/change text; b) E-mail Blogger or anyone else by using Outlook Express; or c) Post comments/reply to her own cursed blog!!!

What will our poor blogger do? Is there no one who will come to her aid? Will no one slay the Byte Monster before it strikes again? Is TAL, HAL's evil twin? Will this blog survive?

Tune in next time, when we hear Tinker say, "This bytes!!!"

(closing organ music, fade to black)

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