Friday, October 21, 2005

Favorite Things

Sorry I've been such a whiner (or is that weiner?) the last few entries....haven't been listening to my body lately when it's been trying, then nagging, then begging me to PLEASE take care of it (me! Why do I still talk about my body like it's some totally separate entity? I'm sure a therapist would have a field day, with all my various quirks - that statement right there is probably indicative of some narcissitic tendency of mine!) Anyway, I've just basically not been taking good care of me & have been uncharacteristically negative....Usually I'm fairly bubbling (& babbling) & bursting with optimism. So to get myself back to a semblance of my normal self, I'm going to list some favorite things for this fall.....In the spirit of give & take here, if anyone happens to read this post, why don't you list some of YOUR favorite things in the comments - I'd love to read about them!
1. Lovin' chocolate brown & sky blue - together, these two colors sing!
2. Trying to figure out exactly where 'Lost' is going with this season's plotline...there tends to be one TV show each year that I let myself get hooked on & though I was fairly hooked last season, by June I was getting a little impatient with it; but darn it, they've caught me again :>)
3. Target's dollar bins...they've found my weak spot - little $1 treasures, something new almost every week. This week's bounty - soft, soft yarn in yummy colors & Halloween tricks & treats.
I want to use the fluffy grey & the fluffy orange yarn to make 3-d kitten collages with the grandgirlies.
4. Mmmm...flan....& if you're in So. Calif., El Pollo Loco (fast semi-healthy fast food chain here) is selling little containers of it now! The working woman's creme brulee! They also have chicken tortilla soup, too. Mmmm.
5. While I'm thinking about food....I must be getting's the time of year for apple pie with a slice of cheddar cheese melted on it (though my hubby prefers his ala mode). My Papa used to always say a little rhyme when we'd have apple pie, "Apple pie without cheese, is like a kiss without a squeeze!" He also used to tell me (this may be apocryphal) that it was illegal in the state of Wisconsin for a restaurant to serve apple pie without cheese! Don't know about that!
But he was a cook, so it may have been true, like back in the days of the Depression.
6. I love men who cook, especially my hubby! Both my Papa (that would be grandpa for most people) & my uncle were professional cooks. My hubby learned to cook in his very first job at a Griswold's restaurant, & though it's not his profession any more, it's still his avocation. He is actually a much better cook than I am & he can cook for me anytime! I LOVE YOU, HONEY!!
7. Drawing & doodling in my journal...when I was at the dentist, waiting, the dental workers kept trying to sneak peaks at what I was working on...I didn't mind really, it was just kind of funny watching how they were trying to see, without being seen seeing, if you know what I mean!
8. Blog surfing still - especially Violette's Folk Art (love her painted shoes & purses); Crafty Chica (she has some cool Day of the Dead ideas) (ooo & she's podcasting now, too); Rock Paper Scissors (vicariously enjoying Halloween birthday party preparations); paulabecker, watching her work out some illo sketches; allsorts (has a really, really cute idea - you dress up her cyberdoll character in Halloween costumes, by clicking on them - my grandgirls love it!), to name just a few (actually there are LOTS - please don't feel bad if I left you out - I just have brainrot right now & can't get my bookmarks to come up for some reason).
9. Listening to late night radio on Coast To Coast am - it's a great time of year to listen to this different kind of talk radio - think X-files meets Star Trek & makes friends with the Twilight Zone & Nova. I know, very strange. But as they used to say on Laugh-In, "very strange... but interesting."
10. Reading! Finished "The Mermaid Chair;" I enjoyed it. Now I'm casting about for something new to get lost in; it was the only fiction I checked out from the library. Aack! Must go to library TOMORROW and get a new fiction fix!!!
So what do you love right now?


Anonymous said...

um... how many extra points do I get if I say YOU?!!

xo Wee

Terri /Tinker said...

Oh, my gosh, Wee! You commented on this like weeks ago & I didn't know! You get at least 100 extra points for that sweet comment & 200 extra points for waiting all this time for an answer! (I have no idea why, but this blog sys. doesn't always notify me I have comments!) (yeah, that's it, blame it on the blog..oops am I typing out loud?)