Monday, October 17, 2005

Too Many Choices

"My bane & antidote are both before me."
Addison, Cato, Act V, Sc. 1
(on choices)

Well, October's nearly halfway over, & now I not only don't know how I want to dress-up for Halloween (other than, I DO want to dress-up for Halloween, because how many opportunities do women my age get to play dress-up & pretend?) But now, I also need to settle on at least a genre/theme, if not a plot outline for NaNoWriMo - ( if you don't already know from last post or elsewhere, that is where you willingly agree to participate in the insane concept of writing a 50,000 word novel in the month of Nov. - all of it; in one short month!) The problem isn't that I don't have ideas - I have ideas; entirely too many of them! How do I choose? Some of these novel ideas I've been carrying around since I was a kid (& that's quite a long time - one of my kids now has kids!). I can't even settle on a costume for a one-day lark! And I expect to be able to settle on one concept for a novel! Do I go with horror (a la' Shelley)? Sci-Fi (Bradbury was the first author I ever met & forever has a special place in my brain's inspiration station); or comedy (I love to laugh & make others laugh) - Or some bizarre conglomeration of them all, sort of a female Tom Robbins (I wish!)? I guess I'll find out what the muse has in store for me when the clock strikes 12:01 Halloween night! Halloween night!! What the heck am I gonna wear for Halloween!?! Fairy (love 'em, done it often though); Corpse Bride (hmm, scare the grandkids...); Mermaid (mmm...the abs aren't what they used to be - come to think of it, a lot of parts aren't where they used to be...)
And so the little hamster wheel in my brain whirls round & round through the night....

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dixie said...

The most clever Halloween costume I've seen in a while was a woman who came as Tippi Hedren's character in the birds. She had on a prim tidy 60s suit with matching hat and had attached fake crows (life size) all over the suit jacket.

thanks for your comment, dig your blog.