Monday, October 24, 2005

Falling Off My Soapbox

Ok, now that I've fallen off yesterday's soapbox, I've spent most of the day curled up in a ball from having 2 teeth pulled. And I don't even have bounty from the toothfairy to look forward to (sigh). Cheek's swollen out like a chipmunk (heavier sigh)
Still don't have a way to post photos, etc. (sob) Oh, wait, maybe that's a good thing, since I look like a chipmunk (lol) And it's probably a good thing I don't do podcasting, since my enunciation is pretty much down to vowels only, right now :D
Oh! My husband just got home from his drumming class....& he brought me FLAN! Yeah!
Alrighty, then, life's getting better! (Mmmm.....flaaannn....)
He is so sweet! (wipe tear from eye)
Did I mention painkillers give me extreme mood swings? :>)
You noticed?
I'm feeling like a hedgehog - in other words, time to curl into a ball again....


Amy said...

Feel better soon!! Thank goodness for wonderful husbands! ..And painkillers!

violetismycolor said...

I'm assuming that you just had your wisdom teeth out? I did that at 23 and it hurt like hell! Poor you... And my son had his front tooth knocked out in that bike vs. large motorized vehicle thing a couple of weeks ago and he is finally able to eat some solids. I feel so lucky, myself, to have all my dental issues be so small..

Terri /Tinker said...

Thanks for the kind comments, ladies! Should be mended soon. Hope Adam's feeling better soon, too.