Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Breaking Thru Artist's Block

Well, it took a week off from work with sinus & dental problems, mega antibiotics, painkillers, & lots of sleeping...mmm...I'd forgotten how good sleeping is...Yawn :<> , yep, ready to go right back to dreamland again - oh, sorry! What was I going to tell you? Oh, yeah. Finally got a little inspiration going again & broke out my sketchpad & Caran D'ache neocolors (cool little watercolor crayons) & these fun multicolor rainbow crayons from Michael's & tried out an idea for a children's book. I can't believe it, but I was actually inspired by my visit to the dentist! Someday soon (Christmas is coming & I've been laying MAJOR hints) I hope to have the technology to share my artwork digitally & then I can show you guys.
But now I think it's time to catch some more zzzzzzzzzzzzzz'sssssssss. 'Nighty - night


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