Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Enchanted Leaf & Finding a Purpose

This morning, I groggily sat down on my front porch to sip my tea (more like slurping it since the mouth is still healing, yuck) & looked out to see a magical, enchanted leaf - floating in the air, dancing in the wind! Now I know I've been on painkillers & I'm NOT a morning person under the best of circumstances - so it took me a while for my brain to sort out what my eyes were seeing. But while I was waiting for the synapses to connect, I felt all the wonderment of childhood again. This leaf was PURE MAGIC! Perhaps it was under a spell! Maybe it's being held by a ghost (it IS Ghosting season, you know) or a fairy!
Unfortunately, the brain finally woke up enough to kick me in the derriere & say"You idiot! Your porch is shaded, so obviously you can't see the strand of spidee web it's attached to!" (I really Hate when my brain talks down to me that way. We're thinking of counseling...) But I've stubbornly tried to cling to that sense of wonderment all day (so what do you think of that, Miss Brainiac!?!)
(Sorry to involve you in our sordid pettiness...Yes; yes, I would like a comfy little padded room - as long as there'll be crayons to draw with!)
Which brings me to my next little brainstorm....When I finished my tea & finally got my brain into gear, I tried to find a purpose for the day; but somehow I just ended up drifting over to the PC, blogging along thru my usual bookmarks. Then I found someone who was having kind of a "down" day with the kiddies at home & so I left a comment wiith a semi-coherent idea of mine (that I really hope works for her!) to entertain the kids & retain some sanity (hmmm, now that I think about it, maybe this idea didn't succeed in saving mine! Well, at least it kept me off the 11:00 news!) Anyway, from time to time, I'm thinking I might share some of these "fun things for little people" ideas, in hopes they'll help some of the grown-up people enjoy life a little more - I'm sure the ideas aren't all that original, but maybe someone who's desperate for an idea will stumble across these when they need them. So starting with the next post I'm going to be throwing some of these ideas out to whoever wants to play catch. Or just wants to catch a moment of peace.


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Terri /Tinker said...

Ok! I'm turning the word verification back on - even though it means I can't comment to my own blog...I guess I'll just have to switch back & forth till Blogger can get back to me with HELP.
If you're a real person, & not a Spam - you're welcome to stop back by.