Friday, October 28, 2005

When Your Inner Child Throws a Tantrum - Throw Something Back

A disclaimer: This blog contains much whining & some kvetching. The contents of this blog may bore some viewers to tears. If you feel this may apply to you, you may want to avoid viewing today's episode. You should probably consult a physician if you experience symptoms similar to those described in the blog. Reading this blog (or viewing the movie described therein) is NOT a substitute for actual medical care, no matter what you may think this blog says.

I'm STILL dealing with a sinus infection while healing up from dental work. So I went back today to the Dr. to get New, Improved meds - Now With More Germ-Fighting Power! - since the ones I've been on have been total slackers - Hello! it's been 10 days! Time to work now! (Which by the way, is what my boss & co-workers would like ME to do - & me too, since I really like getting a paycheck). And while my outer grown-up is sick & tired of being sick & tired & not working, my Inner Child has been pouting & throwing tantrums ("I hate being sick & never getting to play! I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT!!!")

So, while waiting for my prescription to get filled, I took my Inner Child to the movies to see a cartoon (Wallace & Grommit - Curse of the WereRabbit). And It Was Good (both the movie & the Inner Child - it sat very still through the whole movie without whining once, & even laughed lots to itself. I mean me; myself. Oh you know what I mean!)

Anyway, I think that may have been the best medicine I've had all week; I felt better after the movie, even BEFORE I took the new med.

Next time I'm feeling sick, I think I'll find a good comedy to watch first, before I ever go to the doctor. It'd be a lot cheaper & it's certainly a heck of lot more fun!
(Remember the disclaimer at the beginning? Well, this is where you're supposed to remember it! So don't mess around & not go to the doctor when you don't feel well, just because I say silly things in my blog! However, AFTER you see your doctor, feel free to go to a funny movie & laugh your head off - it just might feel better - once you pick it up & put it back on...make sure you wash all that icky stuff from the theater floor off it, though - ooo, yuck! Is that someone's gum down there in the popcorn?)


Anonymous said...

We all saw the Wallace and Gromit movie too and thought it was great! Have you seen all the others? There are three---available on DVD.
Hope you're feeling better soon or else you may have to see another movie!

Terri /Tinker said...

Thanks, Snowbear - I may have to rent the other DVD's - I do remember seeing (& loving) a Wallace & Grommit short YEARS ago at Spike & Mike's Animation Festival in Riverside - don't know if it was one these same ones though.
Have a good weekend!