Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Write Stuff

I'm getting revved up for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)....I've experienced the following emotions about it since signing up on Sunday: Excited; inspired; enthusiastic; nervous; anxious; scared; panicked; nauseated; terrified; "deer in the headlights" fatally calm......and that was just in the first hour! Now repeat this cycle, nearly every waking hour for 3 days....
Normally I wouldn't even have time to give the whole thing a second thought - well, maybe fleetingly - but I've been sick & off work the last couple of days, which gives me entirely too much time to obsess on next month's race to the finish line (or is that finished lines?...of 50,000 words).
So now I'm trying to calm down about this and be sensible (ha! what fun is that?)...No one ever has to see this novel if I deem it unworthy to see the light of day! Not to mention, the whole reason I signed up for this little intellectual marathon was to HAVE FUN!! And the next thing I know, I'm thinking I'm Virginia Woolfe or a Bronte sister! Even my words of encouragement to myself are sounding so melodramatic, "The only person I'm really racing against is myself...can I go the distance? Do I have the write stuff?" See what I mean? I can't even make one of my corny puns to myself without attempting to be just a little higher brow than thou (even if puns are the lowest form of humor!) If that's what novel writing is going to do to me, then - Phhhhtttt!!! (That was just me blowing a raspberry at myself - oh, sorry, I didn't mean to get your screen all wet...)
If it takes me throwing darts at the magnetic poetry words on my fridge, I'm just going to have fun with this gig!
Hey, that's not a bad idea!
Or I could consult the Scrabble board! See if I can make an intelligible sentence using the words "bright, bilge, leaf, party" or something equally impossibly challenging!
Or I could just sit down & start typing the first damn thing that comes into my head; which is sort of how I write this blog (couldn't you at least pretend to be a little surprised by that!)

Ok, I'm back to having fun now; sorry to put you through all that....c'mon back tomorrow, for the whine & cheese & watch me go crackers! (careful, don't get any crumbs in your keyboard).

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