Saturday, October 29, 2005


So what do you think? I was getting tired of all those polka dots & thought it might be nice to have a change, since I still am unable to post photos/graphics, I thought I'd at least try some different templates out for Some visual interest! Can't do much else with it for now, so I'll just play blog "dress-up" & put a different costume on it each post!

Sorry I don't have much else to offer today (though I'm going to the library & bookstore to see if I can make myself at least a teensier bit more knowledgeable on this whole web/blogging thingy - cross your fingers! There's hope for me yet [I hope]!) (Is there a limit to the number of parentheses & brackets you can use in one sentence? [Hope not!])

Have a good day everyone - if I get a little more edumacated today, I'll try some of that knowledge out here later tonight. TTFN.


violetismycolor said...

I like the wallpaper...what did you find out at the bookstore?

Jill said...

It looks great!