Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hello, Blogette - even if no one else is reading this, I've decided my blog itself (his/herself? hmmm, I think Blogette is probably female...) will be my confidante and somehow I will find the time to at least get my evening-morning pages done (I know, I're supposed to write your morning pages in the morning...but I'm definitely not a morning person! Also, I think I'm supposed to be writing them by hand; but alas! that is just not going to happen, either - I barely had enough energy to hit the ON button on this computer by the time I got home from work).
Ok; that's probably a gross overstatement (have I mentioned I have a slight tendency to exaggerate?) - I'm tired, yes; BUT, the really weird part is - I am also totally wired - I don't mean pharmaceutically - just in the sense like how kids get when they've had waay too much sugar and NO nap - this is what happens to me if I don't immediately give in to the urge to lie down & pass out the very minute I start to feel sleepy/tired. If I try to push myself to stay up just a teeny weeny bit longer, because, say, the season premiere of Lost is on & I've waited all summer to see what is at the bottom of that damn hatch, well, ok then - I better be prepared to pay the price - up all hours of the night, tossing & turning. Eventually, after I've thrown the covers on & off dozen times (sending cats flying left & right into the night); gone to the bathroom 6 - 7 times; snuck into the kitchen & crammed my face full of ritz crackers while listening to Coast to Coast; tripped over 3 out of 4 cats in the dark (some nights I have even better aim & manage to trip over all four) - I will stumble back to bed & manage to get (I know you'll think I'm exagerrating this time - but I swear!) maybe, a whole 3 hours of sleep!!! So I actually am hoping that the Thursday night TV line-up sucks, or I am in for one sleepless autumn! And then I'll end up hibernating weekends & REALLY never get any artwork done! Oh, Blogette, how do you do it? You're up 24/7 (except for the occasional hour downtime for updates)! Well, time to go sneak some ritz & trip over some cats in the dark...
Au revoir!

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