Thursday, September 22, 2005

I have yet to figure out the link thingy, but since I've decided I'm only writing to you, Blogette, it should be a moot point.
I've been reading keri smith's wishjar tales for a few months now, & I'm so delighted that her husband's short film, The Winter of the Dance, has been accepted into the Palm Springs International Film Festival (?) (I have no idea if I got the true name of the film festival, but, again, dear Blogette, you seem to be my one & only reader - & you're not going to the ball in Palm Springs now, are you? {voice-over: evil step-sister laugh: HA,HA, HA-HA!!!!} ................(oops! some cat-like typing just occurred as Ginny the babycat ran across the keyboard - sorry). ANYWHO -
(yes, I did mean anywho - just one of my many quirks, is to occasionally sound like I'm, oh, 72 years older with a towering blue beehive and waving a purple feather boa for emphasis) - now where was I going with this? Oh. Yes. Keri & her husband & friends are dancing on street corners in Palm Springs this week to promote the film (read about her adventures on HER blog, Blogette!) and they've invited readers to come join them! And it's within an hour or so driving distance! I SO want to join them! I'm working everyday this week (thanks to the Family Fun Festival on Saturday), but, hopefully (cross my fingers), I will have the strength to drive down there & dance with them this weekend, because dancing is definitely A VERY GOOD THING - for the soul of the dancer & the soul of the World - WE NEED MORE DANCING PEOPLE!!!
Now the giant pink bunny, you ask? Well, according to news, apparently a Viennese group of artists called GELATIN got together dozens of grannies with pink wool & created a 200-foot giant stuffed pink rabbit on a mountain peak in Italy for tired hikers to rest upon! Is that magical or what? WE WANT MORE OF THIS KIND OF ART!!! ART WITH HUMOR & HEART!
Last, but certainly far from least,
visit the Global Consciousness website & find out about the power of our collective unconscious to affect the world - then think positive, good thoughts towards everyone - ESPECIALLY those who have just suffered through Hurricane Katrina & are now facing Hurricane Rita - think about/pray about this latest hurricane growing weaker & weaker as it moves inland, going from 145 mile hour winds dying down to a gentle tropical breeze...
Who knows maybe we CAN change the world for the better!
goodnight, Blogette. sweet dreams.


theresa said...

It appears you could use a comment.
Thanks for the pink bunny link--I copied it out and put it in my journal. I see you like the movie
What the bleep do we know--isn't it great?
I went to the global consciousness website as directed.thanks again.

Terri /Tinker said...

Thanks! I needed that! There really are other people out there :>) Yes, What the Bleep Do We Know IS great! Try viewing the "eggs" on Global - it's kind of eerie but cool - like listening to the heartbeat of the MATRIX (lol!)