Monday, November 19, 2012

Little Postcards, Here and There

The past few months I've been drawing and painting little postcards for friends and family. I like the little size. A lot of the photos seem kind of fuzzy - fuzzier than the pictures were, at least as I remember them - even if they were mostly watercolor...But most of the photos were snapped just moments before gifting them or popping them in the mail, so no re-takes... ...and some I never got around to photographing at all - oh, the ones that got away! Sigh. Always makes me wistful, when I forget to take a pic - or do, but it doesn't turn out so well...But here are a few. At least I can prove I've made some arr this year!

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judie said...

Wow! The old (well, not in years I mean) Tinker is here. You know I love this art. I didnt know you still posted here. I like it better than Typepad. Personal preference. More please..... xoxo