Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tiara Tinkering

Tonight, I was tinkering with a tiara for violette'sfolkart tiara challenge....I have no idea why, since I still don't have a digital camera, but if one should suddenly appear, I will be fully ready with my finished tiara!

I strung varying shades of green & gold beads & also some faux "bone" beads onto 18g wire in a basic head wreath shape. Then I beaded & attached 2 smaller wires to the top, in a sort "m" shape - though that doesn't really describe it, because I shaped it so that it looked sort of like 1/2 a bird cage (I'm sure you're wondering what the heck I'm babbling about by now!) & then suspended a little green carved stone bird behind the "bars" of the 1/2 cage. Sounds a little loony, I know - but it worked for me! Oh, & there's wire spiralling up from the top of the "m" - oh, darn it! THIS is why a picture is worth a thousand words! Digital camera - please find me!

Anyway, I'm happy with it & that's what counts. It does demonstrate what level of lunacy my family is used to from me, that when they came home & I was sitting here wearing my cuckoo crown at the computer, no one even questioned it! My husband told me it was "very nice, dear" when asked. I wonder if he was only placating me...but then what DO you say to someone who wears a tiara to type in their family room & she's fishing for compliments?

Happy Birthday to violetismycolor! And my utmost apologies...for accidentally deleting your comment from my yesterday's post - I just recently began moderating comments because of spam/bots that kept showing up, & apparently I clicked on the wrong button. I wanted yours to post, but it didn't...it just up & disappeared from the face of the blog!?! I apologize in advance to anyone else if I end up doing that to you, also, till I get this figured out. I keep feeling aggravated with blogger - but I'm sure I'm probably at least half the problem here!

That's it for now...I need to go check on my bunny boy - poor Mr. Peaches hasn't wanted to eat today & that can be very serious for bunnies...so I must go see if I can entice him to nibble on something...I'm trying to not worry- so I'm just keeping on thinking happy bunny thoughts!


violetismycolor said...

Thanks for the happy birthday remark...and no problem about the accidental deletion, stuff happens. I love the image of you sitting in front of your computer in a crown and no one saying anything. I may try this, myself. lol...

Terri /Tinker said...

Awhile back on the violettesfolkart message board, another person commented that she has multiple tiaras, for different occasions - including one to wear when doing laundry! I really like that idea - I may have to make more of these! Try it - you may like it! Hope you had a happy day & that your mother-in-law is feeling better.

JIll said...

Your tiara sounds so cool!