Wednesday, November 02, 2005

TTFN - It's NaNoWriMo!

Just wanted to let all my wonderful readers (all 3 or 4 of you - you know who you are!) know I'll only be updating this bloggity thing about once a week for the next month while I participate in NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month). Of course there's always the odd chance that I'll pop back in here more frequently than that, to vent or procrastinate, or both!!

But don't give up on me! Just check back on weekends, since I think that will be the most likely time I'll be posting this month. Only God & the muses know for sure what writerly hi-jinks I'll get myself into during this - it should be an interesting experience though!

Wish me luck! I'm sure I'll need it!! (Although I've heard that I should just dictate all 50,000 words in the novel into a tape recorder; some people around here claim I use that many words in a day!)

TTFN (that's Ta-Ta For Now - for you non-Tigger fans!)


lyn said...

I think you write fantastically, so you'll have no problem, but good luck anyway !

violetismycolor said...

Good luck! What an absolutely cool thing to do!