Monday, November 07, 2005

Top 40 Things On My To Do List

What I'm still working on:

1. Writing a novel.
2. Creating an altered book.
3. Spending more time making, exhibiting and selling my own art.
4. Having 3 working bathrooms.
5. Re-learning to knit, & to a lesser extent, crochet (remember it a little better).
6. Participating in an art exchange with other artists.
7. Finding my local "Bohemian Tribe" (thanks for the term, Violette!)
8. Finding the courage to toss out/give away/sell the clutter.
9. Making my garden flourish again (it's been neglected this year).
10. Creating more toys/dolls for my grandgirls.
11. Writing & illustrating a children's book & getting it published.
12. Finding more sources of revenue, in addition to current job, so not so dependent on it.
13. Rejoining yoga class. Keep going.
14. Organizing our books better so we can find them more easily.
15. Getting a digital camera & learning how to put photos of my art on the web.
16. Spending more time with the dogs (hear that cats? other animals DO exist at this house! that goes for you too, mr. bunny)
17. Figuring out how to make our own Christmas crackers, & putting things appropriate to our family in them.
18. Planting another lilac bush.
19. Making a real path on our hill. Walking on it everyday.
20. Imagining the pool working again. Swimming in it again someday.
21. Imagineering building a treehouse for the grandgirls & myself.
22. Designing an outdoor cafe area in backyard. Dreaming about using it frequently.
23. Getting my art area set up in a more organized fashion, so I can create more easily.
24. Finding a scanner and learning how to use it. Putting cool pictures on my blog.
25. Repainting. Everything. Everywhere.
26. Ripping up horrible, yucky carpet, so you can see the lovely wood floor hiding under there.
27. Refinishing floors.
28. Spending more time with my sister. Just "sister/sister."
29. Planning for & spending more "just us girls" time with my daughters.
30. Planning for & spending more "just the 2 of us" time with my husband.
31. Dedicating a room that's just for my grandgirlies.
32. Reading more books to my grandgirls (that are new to them) .
33. Working on making the fairy garden a more distinct area.
34. Visiting a different art space/exhibit every month.
35. Taking the grandgirls out to see & do things they haven't done before. Have a palooza! (Thanks, John Lithgow!)
36. Dreaming of visiting the beach more! The desert!! The mountains!!! Going on more adventures!!!! (Getting a better car!!!!!)
37. Seeing more of my longtime friends (e-mails & phone calls aren't enough!)
38. Having an art party. Having a holiday party! Having a party!! Party!!!
39. Getting my smile back! :>D
40. Dancing more ~ /} ~}{~`\} ~ {} ~ {/` ~}{ ~ {} ~ {\ ~ }{ ~
~Y~~M~~C~~A~ ( lol)


Pam Aries said...

Hi Terri! It's me Pam Aries from Violettes blog! i knew you would be cool, cause everyone at V's site is!!! HaA Anyway, I also want a digi camera..My friend just bought one from Ebay for 29(twenty-nine) Dollars. it is a really nice one.I am going to look this week. Thought I would share this info. I like the price, i cannnnot afford 500 dollars !!! Good luck! Pam

Terri /Tinker said...

Thanks, Pam, for the nice comment and the Ebay tip - I still haven't bought anything on Ebay - but I'm definitely going to have to look into it!
Everyone at Violette's message board is so wonderful - That, of course, includes YOU!!!
Thanks again & have a great evening!

Love & Laughter to you,


Anonymous said...

With the power of intention--you're halfway there!

Number 11 and Number 17?
Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

iHanna said...

♥ boheman tribe-word!

Would love to come to your art party too, but think you live to far away. Damn! :-)